What are some of the most important qualifications for an accountant?
Accounting requires someone who is detail-oriented, organized and has strong math skills. I believe these three qualities are essential in an accountant because they help ensure all financial records are accurate and filed properly
If a client came to me with a financial problem, I would first listen to understand exactly what they were experiencing. Then, I would assess the situation and determine if there was anything I could do to help. If not, I would refer them to someone who could assist them
am very familiar with financial statements because I use them every day in my work. When working on projects for clients, I usually start by analyzing their financial statements.
I am very outgoing and enjoy interacting with people. When I meet with new clients, I make sure to greet them warmly and shake their hand.

Financial Planning

How do I know if I have enough assets to retire?
You should consider more than your just your assets when thinking about retirement. Assessing your retirement goals (What will your life look like when you retire?), implementing a retirement plan, and running financial scenarios as your life evolves can help you determine whether you’re on track for retirement.
When your salary is lower, you’ll pay less in income tax today. Then when you qualify to withdraw your retirement funds, you won’t have to pay taxes later.
If you have abundant assets and are more concerned about avoiding estate taxes than obtaining financial aid, other options include UTMA/UGMA accounts, Crummey trusts, and grantor retained annuity trusts
Any long-term investor is likely to experience periods of volatility and, subsequently, investments that fall in valu


Which accounting software are you most familiar with?
I’m most familiar with QuickBooks Pro and Peachtree Accounting Software. I’ve used both extensively throughout my career as an accountant consultant, and I find them easy to navigate and understand
I perform reconciliations at least once per month for my clients. I find that this frequency is usually enough to ensure that there aren’t any errors or discrepancies within their financial records.
There’s no set approach. A few clients seem to want to beggar their own lifestyles so their children will have more money. Others want to help their kids get a start in life but then manage on their own.
When I was working as an accountant for a small business, my client asked me to look into ways they could save money on their taxes.


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